The Vision

The design house, Felio Siby is redefining timeless elegance for the watchmaking industry through the launch of a limited edition timepiece collection. With performance icons from the sporting world that honor the pursuit of excellence and world-class engineering.

Designed and developed by company founder and CEO, Dominique Siby, the limited edition watches have been conceived to represent the pioneering vision established by the luxury lifestyle brand purveyor of style and decadence.

Envisioned in 2015 as the crown jewel of the Felio Siby line of avant-garde fashion and luxury accessories, each timepiece has been assembled with skillful precision by the finest Swiss watch manufacturer.

Aqua Watch


Dominique chose one of the most stylish tennis players on the professional circuit today, and for having an ideal image that exemplifies the brand.
The lifestyle endorsement campaign whether wearing the watch while relaxing at home or on-the-move with select pieces from the Felio Siby luggage and men’s bag collection in tow.


  • The mounted figures 1 and 7, outlines of the three inner circular dials and both hands of the watch itself are all given a distinctive finish, made of Rose Gold, that compliments the azure face
  • The 0.2-carat diamond set in the upper corner of the circular “Côtes de Genève” decorative facial engraving praises the silver casing made with Titanium that features the signature Felio Siby crocodile imprint
  • The handmade watch with Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier Swiss movement comes complete with a Felio Siby custom stitched watchstrap in a durable blue material, making the Tomas Berdych Watch a luxury sports timepiece suitable for any occasion
  • Matching presentation box with Felio Siby motif and velvet inner layer

Red Night Watch


Designed entirely by Dominque Siby, with a view to making it the official watch for a leading Formula One driver from Brazil, who the founder designer considers being the world’s best driving nation.
After meeting, in Singapore Grand Prix, the Brazilian driver fell in love with the sleek design of Dominique’s timepiece and agreed to be the company’s brand ambassador–establishing the first Formula One driver endorsement campaign for Felio Siby.


• Turtle-shaped Titanium casing with crocodile façade
• Circular “Côtes de Genève” decorative facial engraving
• 0.2 carat single diamond inset (GIA certified)
• Figures 1 and 7 raised in Rose Gold, red and white
• Miniature mechanical dial insertions
• Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier Swiss movement
• 3002 automatic caliber with twin barrels in series
• Minimum 46 hour power reserve
• Rewinding and time setting with 3 positions stem
• Quick start date setting with stop seconds
• Felio Siby insignia inserted at 12 o’clock
• Bespoke straps in rubber, leather or Felio Siby custom stitched material
• Matching presentation box with Felio Siby motif and velvet inner layer

Orange Clockwork Watch


The Sahara Force India Watch by Felio Siby is the first Formula One team endorsement for the luxury design brand and a crowning achievement by Dominique Siby.
This proud career accomplishment for Siby came at an early stage in the long-term strategic endorsement campaign for the company and is the first time an independently owned private fashion label has sponsored a Formula One team.
The Orange Clockwork Watch has been developed to commemorate the corporate sponsorship of the UK based race team by Felio Siby as the team’s official Lifestyle Partner.


The mounted figures 1 and 7, the outline of the two inner circular dials and both hands of the watch itself are all given a distinctive white finish that provides a bold contrast to the black “Côtes de Genève” Hexagonal decorative facial engraving, on which the 0.2-carat diamond is set.
A stylish orange trim is positioned around the outside of the watch face, and a small window to reveal the inner organs of the watch’s Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier Swiss movement can be seen above the center.

• Casing made of black Titanium also features the
• Felio Siby signature crocodile imprint,
• A premium quality black rubber watchstrap reinforces its sporty design
• A self-winding power reserve of 50 hours
• Weighing only 80 grams

Dragon Watches

Felio Siby launched a fourth limited edition timepiece, “The Dragon”.
The last watch comes with two different styles of the dragon design.